This page is currently under development and will be regularly updated and expanded. Stay tuned to get new information on the latest outputs generated by the project!et

This subpage is dedicated to all the outputs of the DeVilag project. In the list below, you can find every result, report, visual proofs of meetings or other supporting material under the Work Package it is associated with. Alongside with the static material, there will be comprehensive explanations what we have achieved in easy language compared to the formal tone of the reports.

1.1 Data Collection Framework


The Data Collection Framework builds the basis of this WP. In this Activity, important assumptions have to be made like „Which are the target groups?“, „Which data ist necessary to reach the project’s targets?“ and „How is the data going to be collected?“

Specific results:

The results from the previously done literature review showed the necessity of involing wide scope of target groups in the Needs Analysis. For each target group, of course there is a certain data collection tool which might be the best suited one in regard to their position. The following listing shows all the target groups determined and the data collection tool(s) which were used:

  • Contractual Agriculture farmers (Focus groups discussion; Qualitative data)
  • Non-contractual agriculture farmers (Focus groups discussion; Qualitative data)
  • University professores and (Under-)Graduate students and alumi (In depth Interviews;  Qualitative data)
  • Technical vocational education institutes
  • Agricultural Companies/Gvovernmental Establishments (In depth intervires; Qualitative data); (Online Questionnaires; Quantitative data)

1.2 Questionnaires & Interview Guidelines